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Outlaw, while Branch Leader of Texas Gulf Coast Trikers, was diagnosed with stage 4 mesothelioma and lost his battle with the disease in less than two years.



Captain Morgan, Assistant Branch Leader,  was dealing at the same time with congestive heart failure.



Diana Moll  had a heart attack in

her doctor's office, which  made it necessary for them to put in a stent that saved her life. She also had a cancerous kidney removed. Diana recovered from both very quickly, because she had a brand new CanAm waiting for her.

Mike Zandueta, a charter member of Texas Gulf Coast Trikers, had been battling major health issues for several years and decided to move back to his hometown in California. Close relatives were available there to help him deal with the medical challenges he faced. A farewell meet and greet was scheduled for 1 pm on Friday, January 9 at his favorite eating spot, Mamacita's on NASA Road One, a few blocks from the Manned Spacecraft Center.

The weather was bad, but seven hearty souls showed up and had a great meal. Just as they were ready to leave, Walter showed up. He had been fighting traffic for over two hours because of two accidents on his route. He ordered and ate while everyone enjoyed more ice tea and then it was agreed by all that a dessert was in order. Just as everyone was ready to leave again, Dolphin walked in. Yahoo Groups had erroneously sent a notice that the time had been changed to 7 pm. She called and was told to come on. She ordered and ate, then everyone left at 7 pm. When Outlaw Jim and Night Owl got to their truck, it would not start and they had to wait on AAA for a tow. No one knew what had happened or everyone would have gone back inside for more tea and war stories among trikers.

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