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Texas Gulf Coast Trikers By-Laws

Revised September 2017




The name by which this group will be known is Texas Gulf Coast Trikers. It will be known as TGCT in these By-Laws. 




The purpose of TGCT is to carry out the purposes spelled out in these By-Laws, as well as any other purposes that might be added by TGCT members in the future.

(A) To unite all trike/motorcycle riders or enthusiasts within a specific area  to be determined by TGCT members.

(B) To hold regularly scheduled meetings in order to keep TGCT members informed & receive input from TGCT members.

(C) To plan events & conduct any other business TGCT members deem necessary.

(D) To work closely with other trike/motorcycle organizations that share the TGCT purpose of promoting triking.




Membership in TGCT is open to anyone who has a trike or has any interest in triking. TGCT will not discriminate in any manner regarding who will be allowed to be a member. All decision-making power regarding membership will be vested in the members. No individual can make decisions involving any member of TGCT without prior approval from the members of TGCT.

(A)  Good standing means there has not been a vote taken by members of TGCT to revoke the membership. 

(B) There will be no dues to join or remain a member of TGCT

(C) There will be no probationary period for new members. Every member, except children under the age of eighteen (18) years of age is equal &  entitled to the full benefits of membership without any time constraints.

      (1) Children less than eighteen (18) years of age will be sponsored by  one or more parent/guardian members. 

      (2) Children less than eighteen (18) years of age have no voting rights.

(D) Nothing within these By-Laws can be interpreted to mean that anything is mandatory or required of a member. 

      (1) That includes wearing or not wearing any patch at any time or place. 

      (2) There will be no requirement for mandatory attendance at any TGCT meeting or event.

(E) Membership in TGCT may be revoked by a majority vote of the members in attendance at a regular meeting after proper notice. 

      Members under threat of having their membership revoked with be given a chance to defend the retaining of their membership.

      (1) A motion to revoke a membership must be made & seconded at a  regular meeting. 

      (2) A vote will be taken at a second regular meeting being held after the meeting in which the motion was made. 

      (3) Any members whose membership is under consideration for revocation shall be notified of the pending action in writing on the TGCT Yahoo group page & will be allowed to appear before the TGCT members & defend their statements or actions, if they wish to  remain a member of TGCT.




Regular meetings will be held at a date, time & location determined by & voted upon by TGCT members with a minimum of 2 meetings a year. Maximum time for all meetings will be one hour, unless extended by approval with motions & voting by members who are present.

(A)  Attendance at meetings by members is not mandatory or required to  remain a member in good standing with TGCT. 

(B) All meetings will be conducted under Robert’s Rules of Order. 

(C) No tobacco products will be allowed during meetings or meals. This  includes smoking regular cigarettes or e-cigarettes, chewing, dipping or spitting. Any violation will result in Sargent of Arms requesting the  individual to leave the room while using the tobacco product. Refusing to stop using tobacco products during a meeting/meal is cause for  revocation of membership in TGCT

(D) Leader will vote only in the case of a tie. In that event, gavel will be  turned over to Secretary, who will ask Leader to vote. If Leader votes in the affirmative, the motion passes. If Leader casts a negative vote, the motion fails. Secretary will record any such action.

(E) Meetings will be conducted in the following order

      (1) Sargent at Arms will call meeting to order at the designated time in the designated location & ask everyone to rise for the Pledge.

      (2) Pledge of Allegiance to the flag will be led by Sargent at Arms. He may appoint last person arriving to lead it, to encourage punctuality.

      (3) Optional prayer will be led by Chaplain, Sargent at Arms or anyone Sargent at Arms asks to do it, if they are  willing. 

      (4) Sargent at Arms turns meeting over to Leader  

            (a)  Leader will make announcements & welcome guests, ask them to introduce themselves & tell the group about themselves.  

                  Afterward, he will thank them for their interest & ask if they have ny questions, which will be answered by the Leader. He will  

                  then invite them to become members of TGCT & anyone who  wishes to join will become a member in good standing after 

                  motions, seconds & voting by members.

            (b)  Leader will request reports from appointed staff

                  1)  Secretary - read minutes of last meeting, if any. Minutes will be approved or amended by motions & vote.                                

                  2) Treasurer - report funds on hand, income received  &disbursements. Members will be allowed to discuss funds & 

                      may see the books, which will be made available for viewing immediately after the meeting closes.

                  3) Road Captain - discuss past & future rides, rules of the road,  ride rules, safety & any need for additional Road Captains.

                  4) Social Chairman - report on previous events and open discussions regarding future events, including date, time, & 

                      location. Motions & voting will determine where & when all  events will be held. Social Chairman will organize details that 

                      make them happen.

                  5) Communications Coordinator - report on website & notices of  meetings or any other required notices.           

            (c)  Leader will ask Secretary if there is any old business. If there is, each item will be discussed & decided with motions & 

                  votes or tabled until the next meeting.

            (d)  Leader will ask members if there is any new business. Any member may bring up new business for discussion, motions &  

                  voting. Any business not resolved will become old business forthe next meeting. Any motion not seconded is considered dead.

            (e) Leader will ask if anyone has additional business. If none, he will request a motion to adjourn. After motions & voting, meeting 





Officers will include any that TGCT members deem necessary. Members may hold more than one appointed position at the same time.

(A) Leader (Elected Position)  

     (1) Oversees all regular or special meetings & business.

     (2) Oversees notification of the members of the time & place of all meetings.

     (3) Oversees holding at least one event, such as a meet & greet, each  calendar year. 

     (4) Oversees all collection of funds due TGCT or disbursement of funds owed by TGCT.

     (5) Oversees forwarding TGCT news for publishing.

     (6) Appoints individuals for positions deemed necessary by the Leader and/or members.

     (7) Performs any other duties that are inherent to the running of TGCT. 

(B) Assistant Leader (Elected Position) 

     (1) Assists the Leader in his/her duties

     (2) Serves as Leader in the absence of the Leader. 

(C) Secretary (Appointed Position) 

     (1) Keeps written records of all meetings & performs other such duties deemed necessary. 

     (2) Chairs all meetings in the absence of both the Leader and Assistant Leader. 

(D) Treasurer (Appointed Position) 

     (1) Handles & keeps records of all TGCT funds

     (2) Collects & disburses any monies owed by TGCT or due to TGCT

     (3) Keeps TGCT funds in cash or maintains a bank account for TGCT funds. 

(E) Event Coordinator (Appointed Position) 

     (1) Plans & coordinates all TGCT activities. 

     (2) Heads any committee set up for the purpose of planning & holding TGCT activities. 

(F) Road Captain (Appointed Position) 

     (1) Responsible for leading all rides 

     (2) Assists the Event Coordinator in setting up group events.

     (3) May appoint assistant Road Captains or request Leader to appoint Assistant Road Captains, if needed, for rides.  

(G) Communications Coordinator (Appointed Position) 

     (1) Prepares & causes to be printed and/or published all notifications to TGCT members. 

     (2) Prepares & causes to be printed and/or published all notifications to any organization with which TGCT is involved. 

(H) Sargeant at Arms (Appointed Position) 

     (1) Calls all meetings to order. 

     (2) Responsible to see that all meetings & events are run in an orderly, proper & safe manner. 

(I)  Merchandise Manager (Appointed Position) 

     (1) Holds & distributes all merchandise TGCT has for sale. 

     (2) Collects any money from the sale of merchandise & turns it over to the Treasurer.

(J) Assistant Leader assumes role of Leader or a temporary Leader may be  appointed by the members of TGCT if Leader is no longer able to function or is removed by the members  The term of the temporary Leader ends when a new Leader elected  to replace him/her.

(K) Any other positions deemed necessary may be added, if deemed necessary, by the Leader and/or TGCT members.




Nominations for elected positions will be accepted beginning October 1 each calendar year. Elections will be held at the regular scheduled meeting of the group in November. Winners will assume duties January 1 of the next year. Elections to fill any elected position that may become vacant will be held at the next regular scheduled monthly meeting of the group.

(A) Notification of Elections 

      (1) All members must be notified of any upcoming election at least 30 days before the election is held. 

      (2) Notice will include a list of all offices being voted on. 

      (3) Notification made through the group Yahoo page will be considered proper notification. 

(B) Qualification 

      (1)  Any member in good standing will be eligible to seek and hold any  office. 

      (2) Good standing shall mean that the member’s membership has not been revoked. 

(C) Term of Office - all officers will serve for a term of 1 year, except when

      (1) An officer resigns or is not being able to carry out his or her duties. 

      (2) An officer being terminated by the TGCT members, In that case, 

           a) A temporary officer may be appointed until a new officer is elected

           b) New officer will serve the duration of the term of the officer he or  she is replacing. 

           c) Any elected officer may be re-elected for unlimited consecutive terms. 

(D) Disputes - any dispute arising from the election of officers that cannot be resolved by the members of TGCT will be settled by the Leader. 

(E) Recall - any officer may be recalled by a vote of the members for just cause, which shall include, but not be limited to :

      (1) Neglect of duties

      (2) Actions detrimental to the good name of the group 

      (3) Creating friction among TGCT members 

      (4) Creating friction between TGCT & any other organization with whom TGCT is involved.

(F) Recall Procedure 

     (1) A motion for recall made & seconded at a regular meeting will be  considered just cause to hold a recall vote. 

     (2) The recall vote can held at a second regular meeting which occurs after the regular meeting requesting the recall vote. 

(G) Recall Notice 

      (1)  All members of TGCT will be notified, in writing, of the recall vote to be done & of the meeting date, time, & location when voting will  occur. 

     (2)   A description of charges against the officer will be included. 

     (3)  Any officer subject to being recalled will be offered an opportunity to appear before the TGCT members & respond to the charges made against them before a final vote is taken.




All funds belonging to TGCT shall be recorded in a ledger and kept by the Treasurer in cash or in a special bank account set up for that purpose.

(A) Records - a complete record shall be kept of all finances by the Treasurer. 

(B) Financial Reports - the TGCT financial report shall be open to any member desiring to see it at a regular meeting. 

(C) Disbursements 

      (1) All TGCT funds shall be disbursed by the Treasurer by cash or check.

      (2) All checks must be counter-signed by the Leader, Assistant Leader or any appointed officer authorized by the bank. 

      (3) No TGCT funds shall be used by any member or officer for 

           personal use without the prior approval of the membership.




All notifications to any TGCT member for any purpose shall be sent through the TGCT Yahoo group page in a timely manner. Notification of all regular & special meetings will be sent to all TGCT members through the TGCT Yahoo group page in a timely manner. Notification of any changes in times or places will be sent out to all members of TGCT through the TGCT Yahoo group page in a timely manner. 




All members of TGCT will be notified in writing of any proposed amendment(s) to the By-Laws. A vote shall be taken of the changes at a regular meeting. There must be a majority vote of approval by the TGCT members present for any amendment to the By-Laws to become effective. Upon approval, it will become effective immediately.

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